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Ethnic Blogs – Why some bug me (yet I still like reading them)

Posted by chinesecanuck on August 13, 2008

Many ethnic/race blog I’ve been to seem to have a very liberal/PC and American point of view.  If you olay a devil’s advocate and say that some groups do things one way because of ABC, you’re hounded.  It’s my way or the highway, and they never look at any other point of view, even if it is constructive.  It’s as if posters are members of some sort of clique.  It’s like high school!  All because sometimes, my ideas can be really different. I’ve even been called stupid by some people (you know who you are!) because I’ve pointed out that some countries consider term A PC while other countries prefer Term B (and find Term A un-PC…think Asian vs Oriental).  This is especially the case if the topic is on beauty.  I’m trying to avoid these topics now, because I’m a little tired of people going on and on about how colonialism was the most major influence on beauty standards in say, Asia – especially when it comes to ideal skin colour.  They seem to ignore the fact that fair skin has always been the standard.  They sometimes even go on and on about embracing the “traditional look” – as if the “traditional look” was ever “ideal.”  But this isn’t the only thing that bothers me.  Religion is another.  I have had people ask me why I’m Catholic.  Why I don’t just “embrace” eastern faiths because Catholicism is a religion resulting from missionaries coming in to “convert the heathens of China.”  My family has been Catholic for four generations.  I don’t see myself any other way.  I am comfortable being a lapsed Catholic.  I can’t see myself converting to any eastern faith.  Not at all.

What upsets me the most are the so-called “white liberals” (actually they aren’t always white.  Just people who are ignorant about other cultures..sometimes even people who are of MY CULTURE or similar cultures, but haven’t been too internationally exposed) who seem to want to erase the past.  Or if they don’t, they want to embrace something that they’re not (this is usually where the not-too-internationally-exposed non-white people come in)  Um, did anyone ever ask you?  What if something is so ingrained that reverting back to the so-called “traditional style” just isn’t realistic, and perhaps even mocked if one ever decides to go back to said tradition?  It’s sort of telling us that your culture/way is better and that we shouldn’t be practicing.  It’s also putting us in neat little boxes/areas.  Kind of like a supermarket or department store.  Again, these people are trying to put their beliefs into others, sometimes to the point of giving readers migraines.

So some of these blogs bug me.  If they do that, why do I read them?  Because I want to let people know that their way isn’t the only way.  I often point out that their way of thinking, and telling people that their way is the only PC way is kind of like colonialism.  In many countries, entire cultures were changed because foreigners came in and told them what to do.  When they resisted, they were killed.  It is no different in the blog world.  If ethnic blogs believe that colonialism/history of slavery/etc was wrong, then they really shouldn’t be telling people what to do and what to say.


8 Responses to “Ethnic Blogs – Why some bug me (yet I still like reading them)”

  1. Julie said

    um… but it’s ok for YOU to tell others what to do and what to say?

  2. Julie,

    I’m usually offering AN OPINION on a topic, only to have people tell me it’s “dumb.” They tell me that my POV is not PC, even if I am saying that it may be PC in some places. It’s as if their way is the only way. In no case am I telling people what to do/say.

  3. ccch said

    I agree with you Chinesecanuck. It’s really tiring the constant barrage of aggression they spout on these sites if one barely expresses a different take on their gripe. Cause honestly I can’t call them posts anymore.

  4. I’ve been banned from responding on a lot of ethnic sites for disagreeing with the original poster’s POV.
    Isn’t the discussion the reason for the blog. I never assume that I have all of the answers and I am often berated for asking questions.
    There is one site that I read but on which I won’t post because if someone has an opposing view, they’re dismissed by the rest of the clique who frequent their site. My problem with the site is that it’s called “Resist (Something)” but the people seem to mean (Resist White-[Something]). (Something) itself isn’t wrong, only when perpetrated by white people. Someone on this site lambasted me for linking (my blog) to sites with views differing from mine. WTF, wasn’t the internet formed to expand ones’s knowledge?
    Anyway, I feel your pain.

  5. ATL said

    “I often point out that their way of thinking, and telling people that their way is the only PC way is kind of like colonialism.”

    You deserve an award for most The Ridiculous and Contrived Analogy of the Year.

    Comparing the so-called “PC way” (whatever this meaningless phrase means) of ethnic blogs to Colonialism is laughably pathetic and could only be made by someone who is either ignorant of the horrors of Colonialism or, worse yet, doesn’t care.

    Morever, the concept of “political correctness” itself is an empty propaganda phrase used by those who are in power–or identify with power–to dismiss any critical dissent.

    Thus, the accusation of being “political correct” is usually ONE WAY in nature, with White mainstream apologists labeling any minority dissent or criticism as “P.C.”

    This phrase itself has very little analytical substance and is designed to silence debate by labelling minorities with the “P.C.” tag.

    If one wants to be a true gadfly or devil’s advocate, one could start by challenging the very concept of so-called Political Correctness and how it is politically used by the White Mainstream and its allies.

  6. ATL:

    Do you think Hong Kong would have managed to become a successful jurisdiction without the British? Do you think Hong Kong immigrants to Canada (if that were to have even happened in alternate history), especially to Toronto and Vancouver, would even be close to (upper) middle class, or do you think they’d be more like immigrants from other countries, who struggle to survive. I also don’t think old line independent schools would be nearly as diverse had their not been colonialism, specifically from a British standpoint.

  7. ATL said


    I think if you ask *working class* people what they thought of British Colonialsim, you’d have a very different opinion–not only in China but throughout the world like in India, Arab nations, and Africa.

    But I see where you are coming from. You are part of the Anglophile elites that the British groomed, “educated,” and cultivated around the world. The sun never set on the British Empire.

    Rule Britannia! God Save the Queen!

  8. ^^^
    Except my dad didn’t exactly grow up in what was considered a “middle class household” in post war HK. Like many people, his family shared a small apartment with several other families. His ticket out, just like most of his peers, was education. I think it was a matter of being lucky – he not only smart, but born at the right time – lots of the most influential leaders in HK today are boomers (or WWII babies) who were NOT from privileged or even middle class homes. I don’t think young people in the same situation today could possibly be as successful and in such large numbers.

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