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Cute kid in Olympic Opening Ceremonies LIP SYNCED!

Posted by chinesecanuck on August 12, 2008

So newspapers are reporting that the little girl who sang the Chinese anthem at the opening ceremonies did not really sing it.  Instead, she pulled a Milli Vanilli because the REAL singer “wasn’t cute enough.”  Both little girls are cute, IMHO, but I also understand that China can be very lookist.  I mean, the medal hostesses have to be tall, slim and pretty.  PR type jobs only hire slim people (my mom read an article about a slightly chubby, petite woman who didn’t qualify for a job despite being a university grad who speaks English)  Heck, even my MOTHER, who grew up in Hong Kong and has been in Canada for almost 40 years is very lookist (though she isn’t as bad as some).   Mom has criticized my shopping habits (she thinks the clothes I buy are poorly-made…Mom, it’s about money.  I can’t buy the stuff you buy!  And I also like supporting unknown designers) and how I prefer not to use that permanently erase my acne scars.  I’ve even come across women in department stores who openly say that they won’t buy certain brands because they’ve never heard of the name.  Honestly, I think for the most part, this is a self-esteem issue.  Being an emerging country, they feel that they need to be physically attractive in order to be seen as worthy.  But when it involves kids, it’s just not a good thing.


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