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Been criticized about my shopping habits again….

Posted by chinesecanuck on November 20, 2008

I was, once again, called on me for being cheap and not interested in my appearance because of where I shopped.  I saw a few products at a certain online store which ships to Canada and have considered buying a few pieces.  Certain people thought that I was crazy.  And it had nothing to do with spending too much money.  And this store, by the way, isn’t some cheapo teen place.  It’s known for its preppiness.

Something wrong with being Asian and preppy?  Am not amused.


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OMG, Stereotypes!

Posted by chinesecanuck on July 16, 2008

This is really bad.  I was on the subway the other day and sat next to a girl who had not one, but TWO designer bags (she was *THIS CLOSE* to being a label whore).  I didn’t get a look at her face at first, so I assumed she was one of those Asian girls who highlight their hair and shop at high end stores.  Turned out she was white.  In Toronto and Vancouver, one can find some Asian women (or more specifically, Hong Kong women) who shop at these stores, and sometimes, they’re head-to-toe label.  And these brands have to be big names to them.  For many, Tory Burch isn’t a big enough name.  It has to be Prada, Gucci, LV, Hermes, etc…

Readers, have you mistaken someone for another race/culture/ethnicity based on what he/she was wearing, or what accessories he/she had?

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No European Colonialism = No issues in former colonies?

Posted by chinesecanuck on June 12, 2008

From Racialicious, posted by Eujunco:

Now Thats some sad stuff, if the Europeans just left everyone alone we probably won’t have as much problems as we do today, all we can do now is try to work things out with each other with violence being the last option, or not even an option.

I think it will depend on the country and the issues we’re talking about. Japan wasn’t a European colony, but it is certainly influenced by the west, especially after it opened to the “outside world” in the nineteenth century (there were westerners in Japan prior to 1854, but to my understanding, they were mostly missionaries). I mean, would we as a society, be playing Grand Theft Auto (I’m not playing this, but the boyfriend is) on our PS3s? Will we be driving Toyotas? Buying Toshiba laptops? Eating sushi? I don’t know of a single person who doesn’t own at least one Japanese brand. Even my grandparents, who grew up in China during WWII own a Japanese rice cooker, watches Chinese soaps on a Sony television and drives a Toyota!

In some cases, yes, there might be issues, especially in terms of ethnicity, but we might not be enjoying products we love without western influence!

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