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Metro Asian Guys, AGAIN

Posted by chinesecanuck on June 16, 2008

Last month, I posted something about Asian guys who are metro.  Metro Asian guys seem to be a common sight around here, yet I’ve never really seen any posts about it.  I’m sure there are plenty of metro Asian guys in the US as well, aren’t there?  I don’t understand why I’m reading stories about Asian guys not feeling confident about themselves when it comes to dating.  These metro guys seem to have women all over them all the time.  Sure, most are not “from here,” but many are, or at least, have lived in this part of the world for a significant number of years. Though metro men aren’t my type, I can’t say that anyone could say that these men are unattractive.  They don’t even fit the stereotype of the geeky Asian male.  Can a geek seriously wear tons of product in his hair (perhaps even with highlights), jeans and t-shirt similar to an American Eagle or Abercrombie ad and still be a geek/nerd?  Of course, these guys often turn it up a notch or two with their man bags (and often, the man bag is what elevates them to metrodom)

Maybe I’m just living in a bubble called Toronto (yeah, there are geeky guys too, but I don’t really know any, at least not over 18) and most of my friends and acquaintances grew up in middle class suburbia.  Maybe if I hung out with restaurant kids (not restaurant owner kids…..staff kids), things would be different.


4 Responses to “Metro Asian Guys, AGAIN”

  1. Derrik. said

    metrosexualism in asian guys is just a way to get girls by using what i call the “gay guy card” – it works. but i guess what i’m trying to say here is that a girl would be more comfortable around relatively gay guy than a slob, ripped clothing, punk skater rocker guy like me.

    that’s just my 2 cents =]

  2. well… I love jrock… Most of jrockers are attractive just because they’re metro… Some of them arent even cute…
    I think asian guys are hot, guys dont have to be metro to look good, right?
    I think some guys look attractive wearing girls clothes and makeup, and i love to see girls on boys clothes so…
    Well… thats just my opinion… (the opinion of a half Japanese girl)

  3. BUT, probably I prefer asian guys because there arent too many where I live…
    I’m living in Portugal, Europe…
    One day, I’ll go to Japan to get some Japanese hot boys or girls 😛 lol

  4. elle_ryan said

    aha, lol.
    i remember making fun of a “metro asain guy’s” purse 🙂
    it was shiny and reflective side bag, tell me that is so a purse right?
    so yah.
    around here there are alot of metro asian guys.
    i live in oahu, hawaii.
    alot of chinese, korean, and japanese tourist.
    we call it “fob style”, the whole fresh off boat, came from china thing.
    they are cute, though. more charm;
    but a little are more into themselves than a girl’s vanity in my opinion.
    there are filipino guys that do that too.
    they pluck their eyebrows and are decked in designer wear.
    but more of a skater, break dancer, type of designer wear, more boyish.
    while chinese, koreans, and japanese do the pretty boy thing, more girlish.
    sometimes, they no longer look like boys but girls instead, to delicate.
    mmhm, i think they are hot – some of them.
    cause of the way they care to style their hair.
    and that sexy “pretty boy” look 😛
    hoped that makes sense 🙂
    wow, longest comment ^_____^

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