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Nazi Mom says she’s “not racist”

Posted by chinesecanuck on June 11, 2008

I’m sure many of you have heard about the kids who’ve been taken away by social services because the parents have sent them to school in swaztika and other racist paraphanalia.  According to today’s Toronto Star, the mother says that she doesn’t consider herself a neo-Nazi, but rather, a “proud Scottish chick.”  Well, honey, if you are indeed a “proud Scottish chick” there are plenty of other ways of showing it.  No one is saying you can’t be proud of being Scottish Canadian – there are plenty of activities all over Canada where people can celebrate their Scottish heritage. It isn’t as if it’s being ignored.  Plenty of kids grow up taking Highland dancing lessons, attending Highland Games, celebrating Robbie Burns Day (okay, Robbie Burns day is celebrated by lots of non-Scots too), etc…So yeah, the mom’s a neo-Nazi.  She just isn’t admitting it. 

In any case, the swatika isn’t even Scottish!


2 Responses to “Nazi Mom says she’s “not racist””

  1. Kensa said

    And by the way a swastika doesn’t always represent the National Socialist party led by Adolf Hitler, it was originally the sun wheel that stands for prosperity in Norse Mythology.

  2. It’s also used in many eastern cultures too, Kensa. It’s likely it originated from the east.

    By the way, I did read your original reply. I just thought it was too harsh to post. Sorry.

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