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Sex and the City!!!

Posted by chinesecanuck on May 30, 2008

I have to admit that I LUUUURVVVVEEED the show and CANNOT WAIT to see the movie. I know that it opens today (well, midnight was the first showing), but I probably won’t be able to see it until later this weekend or maybe even next week. I also know that I can’t possibly drag my boyfriend to this. That’ll be just too cruel (even if he said that he’s okay with seeing it).

I know that many people, especially non-whites don’t really like the show. To many people, it isn’t realistic, not only because Carrie seems to be spending more money than she possibly can, but because New York isn’t as white as the show makes it out to be. You know, I never really noticed that.  I also never really noticed that the “girls” didn’t have seem to hang out with people who weren’t of their own race. Perhaps it’s because lots of people I know don’t either, unless these friends are people they know from work.  And I live in Toronto.  Diverse Toronto.

I’ve seen pictures of weddings my friends have gone to.  I’ve been to parties.  If it isn’t an Asian party, I’m usually one of the tokens.  And at Asian parties, my boyfriend (if he goes) is one of the token white people.  And this goes back to high school, too.  My high school, like many other Toronto-area private schools, was pretty much white or East Asian (many of the Asian kids were foreign students or immigrants, btw)…I recalled that there weren’t many Asian kids at the post-prom party I went to.  Out of all the kids in my grade who actually went to the prom, I think only five (MAX) Asian kids actually came to the post party.  University wasn’t that different, though how diverse your group of friends was would depend on your major and your club connections.

Another thing that’s been bugging me is how some people have been criticizing Jennifer Hudson’s character, Louise.  Louise is Carrie’s assistant.  People are saying that this is the modern equivalent of the Mammy character.  But let’s look at it this way. Louise is a 20-something.  Many 20-somethings work as assistants, so why shouldn’t Louise?  Seriously, do you expect her to be Carrie’s boss?  Unless Louise has her own company, it’s unlikely she’d be a CEO.  Not at her age.  That’s even less realistic as someone with Carrie’s salary affording 100s of Manolos!


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