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Rent a guest, get a passport

Posted by chinesecanuck on May 23, 2008

This article was in the Toronto Star today. Passport marriages, also known as “marriages of convenience” have been going on for decades, but people generally didn’t do much about it. It wasn’t until officials at a New Delhi began to see the same guests show up over and over in different wedding images that they began to investigate. It can’t be a mere coincidence that these guests knew all these people, right? Turns out that the officials may be correct. Until now, the most officials could do was reject a sponsorship. However, with these tips, investigation is now under way in several countries, including China, India and Vietnam.

(Apparently a girl who lived in my residence in university knew someone who was in this situation. This friend married shortly after high school, but was divorced within a few years. The husband was from abroad. This is why I often question arranged marriages made with people back in the “old country.” Why the old country, when there are plenty of people in Canada who are from your culture? I’m not questioning the practice of arranged marriages, just how it’s done.)


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