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Phasing out middle schools?

Posted by chinesecanuck on April 18, 2008

Not really ethnic-related but interesting…

According to this Toronto Star article, the Toronto District School Board may be phasing out (some) middle schools and putting Grades 7 and 8 (and at times Grade 6) kids in elementary school. As someone who attended a public middle school for one year before moving on to a private school, I think going to a separate school for at least two years is a great idea. I think a half-rotation system, which was used for Grade 6 and 7 students (our homeroom teacher taught us “Core” subjects – English, math and social studies)…going from teacher to teacher, and having the use of “high school style” facilities of labs (rather than a standard classroom) gave me (and the other students) a larger variety of ways to learn hands-on. Doing labs with water from the fountain across the classroom is very different from having several sinks IN the classroom. And also, how would the teacher demonstrate the use of a Bunsen burner without gas taps?

Another thought: What about 7-12 schools? I know that most people are against it because they feel the older kids can be a bad influence on 12 year old Grade 7 students, but don’t they realize that many private schools have 7-12 “senior schools”/senior divisions? At some schools, the middle school aged kids have their own wing for most classes, but share other facilities like the gym, music, art and drama rooms and the cafeteria. At other schools, the students share all facilities. The middle school aged kids at private, university preparatory schools are no more influenced by older kids than kids who go to K-8 or middle/junior high schools.


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