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Is this dude just being sarcastic?

Posted by chinesecanuck on April 15, 2008

Found this online. Not sure if he’s joking or not…he might be…or he might not.  I actually replied to his post, so I hope it’s approved.  Whether or not it is, here’s my reaction:

I’m all for integration/assimilation to mainstream culture, but only if the mainstream culture isn’t about food that can kill you.  I’m not for assimilating into a diet that is just about awful.  Chinese food found in most North American towns isn’t the “real thing”, which, I guess the poster doesn’t realize (unless, of course, he’s completely joking).  In order to get the “real thing” you have to go to cities with not only a large Chinese population, but also one where the population is somewhat more “sophisticated” or “cultured”.  This means the city should have decent museums, galleries, theatre life, etc…Otherwise, you probably  won’t have the clientele.  In any case, if American/Canadian Chinese food were “real” Chinese food, I certainly wouldn’t be skinny, now would I?  In any case, the stuff is gross.  Please people, note that chop suey is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE (considering it’s mostly MSG anyway).  Egg rolls are fake, but spring rolls are real.  At most Chinese restaurants in Toronto (and Vancouver and San Francisco), spring rolls are dipped in Worscestershire sauce or vinegar (vinegar is more Vietnamese, I think), not plum sauce.  Plum sauce is for barbecued duck.  Real fried rice isn’t cooked with soy sauce and always contains eggs.   You’ll also find lots of steamed dishes, and steamed food is really healthy.  Oh, and outside of the US, fast food containers aren’t cardboard, but foam, foil or plastic.

The only westernized Asian fare that is decent is fusion anyway.  Even Hong Kong style western fare is comme ci, comme ça, though better than American style Chinese food.


2 Responses to “Is this dude just being sarcastic?”

  1. Wow. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that guy’s post.

    It seems like in the United States, the “Chinese” food there is a lot more white-washed than in Canada.

  2. jen said

    i read that guy’s post, and he’s totally joking. everyone here knows that panda express is fake chinese food. and not even tasty fake chinese food. i think he was just trying to bait you with his reponses.

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